At the moment LLC `` Xenon '' is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of lighting devices, light sources and lighting electronics in Russia. The company develops its own luminaires for industrial, public and street lighting.

Due to a professional approach to production, as well as the use of modern and efficient components, our lighting solutions are used in projects of different scale, complexity and purpose.

The company has an established production technology, high production and engineering potential, qualified personnel and a developed distribution network in all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

In recent years, interest in LED products has increased. In this regard, our company has organized a technological cycle for the production of a wide range of energy-saving lighting equipment based on LEDв.

Why choose us

sk  Availability of a warehouse base men  Many years of experience
  mashina Own fleet of trucks ghd  Well-established railway supply system
planet  Rich experience of working with both domestic and foreign clients hours  Shipment of lighting products at reasonable prices and in the shortest possible time

All products manufactured under the brand name "Xenon" comply with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of low-voltage equipment" and "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means", and have the appropriate certificates. Product quality control and management is carried out in accordance with the quality management system based on international standards ISO 9001:2008.

We are always attentive to our partners and are committed to a successful joint business.

Luminescent lamps

Nowadays, the use of fluorescent lamps has acquired a huge scope. Fluorescent lamps have become an integral attribute of apartments, offices, shopping centers, workshops and industrial premises. The wide popularity of luminescent lamps is primarily due to their reliability, cost-effectiveness, as well as low cost. The company LLC «Xenon» it is engaged in the production of fluorescent lamps for various purposes: - industrial lamps of the LSP01 Nord series are designed primarily for lighting industrial and other premises with a high content of dust and moisture. - commercial (office) lamps of the LPO01 Crystal series are designed for lighting administrative, public and office premises.

LED lamps

Modern LED lamps reduce energy costs by 10 times. More than 30,000 hours of service life of LED lamps, against 1000-8000 hours of operation of traditional light sources. In addition, LED lighting does not cause visual discomfort and provides a soft and even light without flickering. LED lighting can significantly reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, reduces costs, and improves the competitiveness of products and the financial performance of the company. The serial production of LED lamps was mastered by the company "Xenon" LLC in 2011. We offer the following types of lamps: office (commercial) lamp Krystal LED for general lighting of public and administrative buildings, industrial lamp Nord LED for general lighting of industrial and other premises with a high content of dust and moisture and LED lamp Vega LED. Every year the demand for LED lamps only increases, and in the future this trend will gain momentum in the lighting market of Russia.

Industrial lamps

Industrial facilities, such as workshops, warehouses, auxiliary production areas, are characterized by an increased degree of contamination. Therefore, when designing such objects, special requirements are laid for the premises and equipment, and special industrial lighting is also used. The quality of lighting in such rooms is influenced by a number of factors. Industrial lamps must meet the following requirements:
• easy to install and maintain;
• resistance to harsh operating conditions;
• tightness, high degree of dust and moisture protection;
• taking into account the specifics of the object for which they are purchased;
• environmental safety of lamps.

High-quality lighting of industrial premises creates comfortable working conditions for personnel, ensures their safety. Our industrial lamps are certified, meet all the requirements of safety, reliability, functionality and efficiency, and are successfully installed at various industrial facilities.

Office lamps

Working indoors is most often working under artificial lighting. Therefore, the quality of lamps and light sources has an impact on the efficiency of work and the health of employees. Poor-quality office lighting reduces labor productivity. Therefore, a manager who wants to create favorable working conditions in the office needs to make the lighting of the highest quality. The group of office lamps can be attributed to the lamps of the LPO01 Crystal and Crystal LED series produced by LLC "Xenon".

Requirements for office lamps:

  • Functionality (optimally suited to the interior of an office space);
  • Cost-effectiveness (the use of energy-saving light sources);
  • Comfort (correct light distribution and lighting level in the workplace);
  • Features of working in the office (illumination required for reading, drawing);
  • Security and brightness of lighting (office lamps with lighting close to the natural level.


Office lamps are divided into:

  • raster (embedded in the suspended ceiling)
  • suspended (suitable for rooms with high ceilings)
  • invoices
  • DownLight (spot lamps built into the ceiling over the entire area) Lamps LPO01 Crystal and Crystal LED belong to the group of hanging lamps.


Thus, modern, high-quality and reliable office lamps of the company "Xenon" LLC will help to create comfortable lighting that ensures productive and fruitful work.