In the list of services of the company LLC "Xenon" — & nbsp;metal bending to order. In the process of manufacturing products, sheet metal with a thickness of 0.25 mm — 4 mm, a length of up to 2500 mm with a bending angle from 10 ° to 140° is used. The material is processed using a hydraulic bending press equipped with a CNC.

Thanks to the bending of sheet metal, it is now possible to create a profile of various cross-sections and shapes. Among the products are corners, channels, elements for the external decoration of hinged facades, advertising stands, showcases, shelving, signs, boxes and so on.

For the production of products, stainless steel sheets, galvanized and black steel, as well as aluminum are used.

In the process of metal bending, we use high-tech presses of the RVB series. Such equipment is equipped with the latest electronic and hydraulic systems, which makes it possible to ensure high accuracy and maximum efficiency of work.


As a result of the absence of error when bending corners, the amount of scrap is reduced to a minimum value, and it does not matter which metal is used in the production process. With the help of such efficient equipment, it is possible to bend metal to order, even if you need non-standard profiles, the production of which is not provided for by industrial production.

Specialists of the company "Xenon" LLC will undertake the production of metal profiles of any size.