rotazAlong with cold stamping and laser cutting of sheet metal, the company "Xenon" LLC provides such a service as rotary metal extraction. This method is more economical than others used in small-scale production.

In comparison with the technology of cold sheet stamping or deep drawing, the rotary metal extraction has certain advantages:

  • low costs for the development of new products;
  • allows for quick changeover;
  • allows you to quickly change the technical process.

In addition, the rotary hood helps to strengthen the surface of the metal being processed, avoids stress concentration and, as a result, the appearance of microcracks.

The equipment we use allows us to work with aluminum, copper, black and stainless steel.

rotacionnaya vitajka

Maximum zagatovka diameter:

Material Min. thickness (mm) Max. thickness (mm)
Aluminum 0,5 4
Copper 0,5 1,5
Steel h/m 0,5 2

Rotary metal extraction is used in the production of lids, hoods, rings, various containers, cones and other products used in the manufacture of ventilation systems, lighting equipment, technological lines for the food industry, aviation and space devices, satellite dishes, disks for cars, musical instruments, metal utensils and so on.