stamp Metal products are stampedby the company "Xenon" LLC by means of presses with various efforts: from 20 to 250 tons. At the same time, the equipment allows you to manufacture products that require deep drawing. Thanks to such advanced features in cold metal stamping, customers are provided with the following services:

  • pressing-pressing
  • edit
  • calibration
  • firmware
  • sheet stamping of deep drawing.

The specialists of the company "Xenon" LLC will develop the die tooling in accordance with your drawings or with a ready-made product sample.  

Sheet metal stampingby the cold method in comparison with other technologies is characterized by certain advantages:

  • makes it possible to produce small-weight parts with specified strength and stiffness indicators;
  • allows you to achieve a sufficiently high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality;
  • it has a relatively simple mechanization and automation of the applied technological processes, which in turn allows you to achieve high productivity when stamping metal products. So, during a working shift on one machine, a specialist is able to produce up to 30 thousand parts of various complexity. As a result, the cost of products is significantly reduced.